Importance and essence of cow management

Cows are very popular among livestock farmers and therefore, their management issues must be addressed time to time. In India cows are mainly kept for milk production.

Due to low milk production of our indigenous breeds, it was felt that crossbreeding is necessary and will improve the production hence, crossbreeding programme was extensively practiced after 1970, with government breeding policies and veterinary support farmers shifts to crossbred animals and now the population of crossbred animals have reached to more than 39 millions.

Now the important thing to focus here, is that these crossbreds animals are having exotic genes that favour more production, more growth and at the same time adaptation to tropical environment is somewhat difficult and thus need more care and attention than our native breeds.

Moreover lactating cows are always susceptible to diseases especially, infectious diseases as considerable amount of neutrophils are drained out through milk which are the first line of defence making them immunosuppressed and thus management become more important. This management should cover all four dimensions of animal production management for profitable farming including balanced feeding, proper and comfortable housing and health management.

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