Cooperative model for crops with doubling farmer’s income approach

It is a big issue in India, that farmer’s do not get sufficient price for their crops on the other hand price for that commodity itself paid by end users are so high.

PM Modi ji on their public address in 2016 emphasised for doubling farmer’s income by 2022, thereby in next budget that issue got financial and official support. Now government and other allied departments are trying to increase the farmer’s income through intense programmes, trainings on improved techniques, availability of improved crop varities, skill India programmes . All efforts are done to achieve goal of doubling farmer’s income by 2022.

One approach for increasing farmer’s income can be large scale co-operative societies like amul. The main purpose of founding amul in 1946 was also same, to provide dairy animal keepers the price they deserve, who were exploited at that time by middle man and foreign dairy company (Polson dairy).

Milk and crops being a different commodity so different plan for effective working of these societies is needed. This will also improve the quality of crop and their byproducts reaching to the customers.

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