Potential of pig farming in India

India our country was once considered as golden bird but now the condition has totally reversed, we are now at top of the list of most populous, unhappy and undernourished nations.

The population of our country is expected to increase by 2050 to 170 crore and one of the important challenge ahead is food and nutritional security. The increased rate of climate change is further exaggerating the condition.

Pig production can act as a important tool against this upcoming challenge. Pork is the most consumed meat throughout world mainly ( 30% of total meat) but in our country this sector never got required attention. Pig meat is most nutritious, contain high energy and high fat content which make it tasty too. Pigs are unique from other farm animals as they are highly prolific ( 8 – 10 ) piglets per farrowing, have short gestation period( 115 days), superior feed conversion efficiency (FCR =3).

In India pigs are not prefered as in people’s mind it has set that pigs live in dirt and are dirty animals, but the real truth is that in India pigs are reared mainly by people of low socio-economic stratum and they usually left them loose as it is impossible for them to provide these omnivores good quality grains.

Think again…… why people of developed nations have great likeness for pork……….There is great need to bring change in peoples prospective towards pig rearing. Scientific pig farming is need of hour. Pork from scitifically reared pig farm is healthy.


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